Election Inspectors

Mt. Morris Township Poll Worker Information

Election Inspectors play perhaps the most fundamental and vital role in the election process assisting voters in casting their ballot, by diligently following the procedures set by election law. Election inspectors protect voter’s rights and deliver accurate election results.

Requirements for Appointment:                                                                                                                 

  • Registered Voter in Michigan & At least 16 years old
  • Able to interact with public in a professional friendly manner
  • Completion of mandatory training
  • Not a candidate or relative of candidate appearing on the ballot
  • No felony or election crime convictions

 Duties of Inspector can include:

  • Performing Computer search functions
  • Verifying Voter Identification
  • Electronic logging of voters, and ballots issued
  • Reconciling voter registration issues
  • Instructing and guiding voters through the voting process

Pay for Full Day 6:00 am-Approximately 10:00pm







Election Inspector





Election inspectors are assigned to polling locations based on party affiliation, precinct size etc. Election law requires each of the two major political parties, Democratic and Republican to be represented in each voting precinct. The Township cannot promise you will work each and every election. Prior to each election an invitation to work will be sent via mail or email and information for the mandatory trainings will also be included.

Election Inspector Application can be found here: ElecInspecApplication

Return completed application to:             Mt. Morris Township Clerk’s Office

                                                                           5447 Bicentennial Dr.

                                                                           Mt. Morris, MI 48458