Mt. Morris Township Sewer/Water Customers Only

Inquiries on your bill call the Treasurer's office (810)785-0818.
For maintenance call Genesee County Drain Office (810)732-7870.

Sewer/Water Bill Inquiry or Credit Card Payment

For Genesee County's surface water management please visit gcdcswm.com website.

For Genesee County's clean water initiatives please visit cleargeneseewater.org website.

Water Quality Report

SEWER/WATER LIEN - Water and sewer balance through July 31 will be transferred to the winter tax as a lien assessment if it is not paid in full by August 31.  Drop box is available at the township hall.  Failure to receive the bill doesn't waive past due penalty.  To make an online credit card payment for water/sewer bill please select "payment" on the home screen.  The Treasurer's Office is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday-Thursday to collect payments.

LANDLORD AFFIDAVIT (Not Mandatory) - Before the Affidavit is Validated, we must have a deposit tendered by the lessee of $500.00 and copy of the lease stating that the tenant is responsible for the water and sewer charges, which shall be placed in an account bearing no interest for the benefit of the lessee, to satisfy any FINAL delinquent water charges and/or bills. At the termination of the tenancy, any and all remaining funds will be refunded to the lessee, within 30 days, at an address to be provided by the lessee, at the time the tenancy is terminated.  If no address is provided, the funds will be mailed to the subject tenancy dwelling unit.

WATER TURN OFFS - When your water bill is 30 days past due your water may be turned off for non-payment.  If your water is turned off, you have to pay the bill in full plus a $50.00 turn on/off charge. (CASH ONLY)

Call Mt. Morris Township 810-785-0818 or Genesee County Water and Waste 810-732-7870 for water and sewer connection fees.